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URL Shortener

Glossary of URL Shortener Terms

URL Shortener A service that allows someone to make a long link smaller.
API A programable way to access the URL shortener interface, so developers can integrate their software with the URL shortener service and create short links, get statistics and more.
Short Link Personalization customize the short address instead of using a random string.
Link redirection A link that will redirect to other location. When you create short links, they will redirect to another destination (long url)
Branded domain Instead of using an all-purpose url shortener (e.g. "bit.do" domain), you can have your domain name for your short links. See more about how to have a custom domain name.
URL Forwarding Also known as "URL Redirection", is a technique to make a page be available using other URL address that is not the main address.
QR Code A short link can be display as in image instead of a text link. You may need to have a mobile app that reads the QR Code image using the camera and it will display the corresponding link. All links created with bit.do can be display as QR Code image.

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