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Have your own URL Shortening Service

Branded short domain: You can have now the URL shortening service with your own short domain!

With your own short domain (e.g. yourshortna.me) you will be able to create, track and share links personalized and related to your company name (or with your client's name). We can help you to find some short domain names using many domain extensions (e.g.: .to / .me / .us / .do / .in and more).


Plan Price Description
Basic $85/month Up to 30,000 clicks/month and features in the list below
Enterprise  $250/month  Account manager, full support, high performance server, up to 200,000 clicks/month, secure server (domain with https) and features in the list below
For other requests, please contact us.

Fast service setup (1-2 days).

Some features of the branded domain service:

  • Use your own custom short domain name (or a custom domain name for your client)
  • Link migration (link list upload)
  • Full stats for each url (click date, number of clicks, IP, country and more)
  • Password-protected stats
  • Password-protected links
  • Multiple users (link managers) for the same account
  • Bulk link creation and integration/automation
  • Link management (edit link destination, remove/delete old links)
  • Group links by category (e.g. a board of sites, clients, projects, each with their own link list). Because more than just a URL shortener, we want to be a link management service.
  • Callback actions to customer site (e.g: a specific page in user's site can be called each time someone clicks a link and this can start some action like an email can be sent, or store logs in the server with user parameters, or run some script) - we already received a request for this feature.
  • Custom features (development upon request)
  • Support by phone and email

We offer all support to point the domain name to our server (where the service is hosted and managed by us) and we'll set up everything.

Please contact us now.

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