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List of URL Shorteners

URL Shortening Services List - Updated list of top URL shorteners.

Domain Site Title
Bit.do URL Shortener - Shorten, customize and track your links [view more]

t.co Twitter URL Shortener (can only be used inside Twitter). E.g: http://t.co/Lw6T06gi
lnkd.in lnkd.in is the URL Shortener used by Linked In.
db.tt db.tt is the URL Shortener used by Dropbox. Example: https://db.tt/b5gwXppx
qr.ae Quora uses the short domain "qr.ae" when generating external links back to content on Quora.
adf.ly AdF.ly - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links. "Get paid to share your links on the Internet!"
Example: http://adf.ly/rlypw
goo.gl Google URL Shortener
Example: http://goo.gl/rxozgv
bitly.com bitly | shorten, share and track your links
cur.lv "The smart way to monetize your content". Bitcoin-based advertising url shortener by coinurl.com
http://cur.lv/d5boq (add + to see stats)
tinyurl.com TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL
Example: http://tinyurl.com/oqnffw3
ow.ly Ow.ly and ht.ly - Shorten urls, share files and track visits - Owly
Example: http://ow.ly/CxeSG
bit.ly bitly | shorten, share and track your links. Sample: http://bit.ly/KG1k4t
ity.im URL shortener & short urls at ity.im (with ads)
q.gs AdF.ly - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links.
is.gd is.gd - a URL shortener. Mmmm, tasty URLs!
po.st po.st - Advanced Social Sharing Platform by RadiumOne
bc.vc bc.vc - a modern URL shortener
Example: http://bc.vc/8nCbMs
twitthis.com TwitThis - Twitter Promoter, Follower, and URL Shortening Service
u.to u.to - URL shortener
Example: http://u.to/HzA-Aw
j.mp Same as Bit.ly, but shorter name. E.g.: http://j.mp/KG1k4t
buzurl.com BuzURL.com - Free URL Shortening, Tracking & More!
Shorten Long URLs & Track Them The Free Way! Shrink URLs, Track URLs, Rotate URLs and Rotate URLs (Hide your real affiliate url in the address bar)
Example: http://buzurl.com/li04
cutt.us CUTTUS | URL Shortening Service, URL Shortener
Example: http://cutt.us/url-shortener and http://cutt.us/bitdo
u.bb AdF.ly - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links.
yourls.org YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener
x.co URL Shortener | X.co URL Redirection Service by Go Daddy
Example: http://x.co/SHORTener
prettylinkpro.com Affiliate Link Cloaker and URL Shortener for WordPress: Pretty Link Pro
scrnch.me Powered Exclusively by the scrnch.me URL Shortening Service
filoops.info Filoops - Shorten Your Long URLs for net surfing pleasure (too many banners)
vzturl.com VztURL.com - Free URL shortening, tracking, rotator & cloaking!
Example: http://vzturl.com/apa83
qr.net QR Code Generator URL shortener
Example: http://qr.net/bitdo
1url.com 1URL.com - Your #1 URL Shortening & Redirection Service!
tweez.me Tweez.me - Free Premium URL Shortening Service
v.gd v.gd - The ethical URL shortener
tr.im Tr.im your URL down to a short link. Turn your social data into customers. Enter your web address and we'll shorten your url and provide you with in-depth analytics. Sample short url: https://tr.im/32c5b
link.zip.net Encurtador Ziplink
Example: http://zip.net/bgtnvJ
tinyarrows.com or http://➡.ws/ Shortest URLs on Earth: ➡.ws , ✩.ws

Other of short links examples: http://vai.la/na3S , http://go2l.ink/shortlink

Some brands with shord domain names: lemde.fr (Le Monde)

List of URL Shorteners that are not available anymore (offline):
adcraft.co AdCraft.co - Shorten links, Make money
adcrun.ch Advertise, Shorten, Share Track Your Links With adcrun.ch
adflav.com Adflav - The URL shortening service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links. Not it has changed to: "You had the re-direct long enough, now I need the domain".
aka.gr AKA GR is a Greek url shortener, submitted by Konstantinos Botonakis. With sponsored ads. Powered by Botonakis. Sample short url: http://aka.gr/bit
bee4.biz Link shortener that pays
cektkp.com Free URL Shortener, Supports Multi Services - Cek TKP Gan! "Not just another URL shortener", by "Takien".
dft.ba DFT.BA is a url shortener submitted by Michael Mattice. "Don't forget to be awesome - custom shortened name", by DFTBA Records.
fun.ly fun.ly: The FUN URL Shortener!
fzy.co fzy - shorten url & share - subdomain - web thumbnails - api
gog.li Shorten Hyperlinks | Short My Url | Make Urls Smaller - gog.li
golinks.co Shorten URLs with GoLinks.co
hit.my Hit.my shorten url services
id.tl ID.TL - The URL shortening service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links.
linkto.im Linkto.im - The URL Shortener service,Anyone can visit your links
lnk.co lnk.co | shorten, track and earn
nov.io Shorten links and earn money
p6l.org P6L.ORG - Shorten Your Links
picz.us Picz.us URL Shortener - Shorten Links with the affiliate friendly URL shortener - Earn while you URL
shortquik.com ShortQUIK URL Shortener
su.pr URL shortening service for online publishers, bloggers and StumbleUpon members. "currently undergoing maintenance". Features: Automatically shorten and post URLs to Twitter/Facebook Wall/Fan Page; Schedule posts; See reporting and graphs for your posts.
sk.gy Shorten Your URL and "Earn cash for each visitor to your shortened url links with sk.gy"
tota2.com TOTA2.COM, File upload, Shorten and Protect your download link
xlinkz.info Welcome to My Link Shortener! - MYLS
xtu.me Short Urls, Url Shortening, Shorten Urls with Xtra Tiny Url Me
yu2.it YU2 Simple Shortener
zpag.es zPag.es - Zip your page links instantly! Let's earn money with your shorten links!

There are even some URL enlargers (make a short url long, or make a long url even longer):
megaurl.it "URL shorteners are for Weak!".
Example: http://megaurl.it/?u=OoOoOOOOoOooOOOOOoOoOOoOooOooOoOOooOOOOoOOooOooOOOOoOoOoOooOooOoooOoooOOooooOO
enlar.gr Do you think url shortening is too mainstream? Do you think short links look too simple? Use our URL-longener service!
Example: http://enlar.gr?gwvev-sva/dkc9-cpu/cuxv-sqo/geg9cp

Services to expand a short url back into the original url:
Expand URL
URL Enlarger (Google code) Enlarge short URL provided by any services.
Example: http://url-enlarger.appspot.com/api?url=http://bit.do/bitdo
longurl.org LongURL | The Universal Way to Expand Shortened URLs with API. Find out where short links will take you.
List of URL Shortener Services: http://longurl.org/services

Looking for bit.ly alternatives? Bit.do is the best alternative to bit.ly!

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